Job Title
PhD student
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Research Area (broad)
Maternity and Childhood
Research Area (specific)
Genetic Disorders
Overarching Research Aim

We would like to understand how fertilisable eggs develop in mammals and how defects during egg development lead to pregnancy loss and genetic diseases such as Down's syndrome.

Current Rosetrees Research Project Detail

We are investigating how defects during chromosome segregation in mammalian oocytes arise. We are also studying why the rate of chromosome segregation errors increases with maternal age.

Summary of Researcher Background

Agata Zielinska is currently enrolled on the MB/PhD programme at the University of Cambridge. She obtained her B.A. degree in Physiology, Development and Neuorscience at Cambridge. Agata completed her thesis with Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz at the Gurdon Institute, Cambridge working on the first cell fate decisions and symmetry breaking in mouse embryos.

Rosetrees Partners

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